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Below, you can download the latest versions of our software, as well as patches and addons for it.

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IconSpaceMonger v2.1.1
Newest release: September 8, 2006.

This is the latest version of SpaceMonger. Download this file, and either click "Run" to open it, or double-click it to install it. This is the full program; but it is limited to 30 days of trial use before you must buy a license key.

This release fixes a few bugs from SpaceMonger v2.1 and adds French-language support.

MD5 checksum: 20aeab22876d23624559c39f1735205c


1279.6 KB
5.3 min (modem)
16 sec (cable/dsl)

IconSpaceMonger v2.1
Old: August 15, 2006. This is SpaceMonger version 2.1.

MD5 checksum: 8a28dd49f3bd8d0b6c43ef8ca287c21f


1267.3 KB
5.3 min (modem)
16 sec (cable/dsl)


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